Friday, June 29, 2012

Little fish, BIG fun

My family ventured out to my grandmothers pond last weekend for Andrew's 4th birthday.  The fish are small but action was fast and fun!

Happy birthday buddy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Trouthunter Tippet Review

I recently saw a Tippet Shootout  in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  They did an excellent job and it was extremely detailed.  The shootout left me curious about Trouthunter products so when I recently ran out of tippet, I decided to give it a try and placed the order.  I'm usually one who supports my local fly shops on purchases like this, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if I could tell a difference. 

One unique thing I noticed when I was placing my order was that Trouthunter offers half sizes in tippet.  I thought this was pretty cool so I ordered 5.5x.  I typically use 6x for most of my fishing on my home river, but I thought the extra .5 of strength wouldn't hurt. :)

Spool design - I really like the spool design A LOT!  The tippet comes off the spool very smooth and does not kink or have any memory or curling.  The lack of line curl is due to the large arbor spool.
Fishing - I've fished this tippet a handful of times now and have been impressed.  It does knot really well and seems strong yet supple.  I'm far from any type of line strength expert, but this tippet does seem to get the job done quite well. 
Cost - $22.95 for a 50m spool.  This is a better deal per meter than most of your other top tier tippets on the shelves of your local fly shops.

Conclusion - This is an excellent product at an excellent price.  I expect great things from this spool of tippet.  Can I tell a big difference between this product and Rio, Orvis, or Frog Hair?  No, but it's cheaper and the "tippet scientist" say it's stronger so I'll take their word for it!  Well done Trouthunter!

I also ordered a couple 10ft. leaders - I haven't gotten to fish those yet, but I'll be sure to post a review of those as well.


UPDATE 6/6/13: The tippet  has continued to shine and truly fish great. I'm certainly sold on its strength, sensitivity, and how supple it is. 

As for the leaders... I love them also. I do wish they had a loop tied on the butt section like most of the other major brands but it isn't a deal breaker for me. For whatever reason I also like that they come in 10 footers. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase trout hunter products again. In fact, it's about time to reorder. 

Tight lines y'all!