Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High water? Who cares!

TVA has been blasting 2 or more generators for what feels like an eternity through this mild winter we've had.  Wading opportunities have been few and far between.  Luckily, my buddy Rodney has a drift boat so we're able to get our fix on our favorite tailwater.

With the beautiful weather and temps going to be hitting upper 60's, we knew we had to fish somewhere, somehow.  We weren't up for a road trip and we knew Norris would be pushing 8700cfs and fishing would be tough, but the possibility of hooking a monster keeps us intrigued while fishing high water.

We put in at Miller's Island around 9:30am and immediately began throwing large streamers.  We weren't even through the island yet and I already hooked up with this nice brown.  Cool thing was he had a shad hanging out of his mouth!  Lucky for me, my streamer was nearly identical in color and size to the shad in his mouth.  I guess this guy was a bit greedy and wanted a double dose.

After picking up that fish right off the bat, we knew it was going to be a great day.

Once I got on the oars, it wasn't too long before Rodney had hooked up.

Throughout much of the float, we each caught fish, missed some nice fish, but mostly just enjoyed the great time on the Clinch.

Here was my final catch of the day.


We ended up with 4 or 5 brought to the boat.  We were both tired from battling the wind, but its a trip to remember.  One of our more successful high water trips.

I hope we are getting close to some more manageable release schedules for wading opportunities, but in the event we get a bunch more rain and TVA continues to generate heavily...we have a plan!

Coming Soon - Sage ONE review

I recently acquired a Sage ONE 590-4

I'm really looking forward to getting to use it and will be doing a review on the rod as soon as possible.

From all the research I've read on this new rod, I expect to be extremely pleased!

Gear Review - Lefty Kreh's Yarn

I wanted to share a product I discovered a year or two ago at Little River Outfitters.  Lefty Kreh's Secret Little Strike Indicator yarn.  This is by far the best yarn I've found.  I've been using it almost exclusively since discovering it.  Before I had tried many other yarns, thingamabobbers(also good in certain applications), putty, football style, pinch on, you name it!  I probably tried it.

Lefty's yarn comes waterproofed and I can typically use one small piece of yarn all day and it will stay high on the water.  It is fully adjustable, reusable, easy to put on, and extremely visible on the water.  Speaking of visibility.  This yarn comes in a variety of different colors for different conditions.  Some of my personal favorites are White, Orange, and Chartreuse.  There are 24 inches of material in each dispenser, enough for a years worth of fishing for most people.

If you're searching for a great yarn.  I would recommend you try Lefty's.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It begins...

After much thought, I've decided to start a blog that will be dedicated to Fly Fishing in East Tennessee and surrounding areas.  This blog will be used primarily as a way to share information, fishing reports, thoughts and photos.