Monday, December 8, 2014

Sow Bug Pattern

For years I've felt that the sow bug was a bug that I underutilized on the Clinch River.  A few years ago, I wanted to create a sow pattern for my home river.  As I began researching other patterns I saw different methods and some attributes I liked and some I didn't.  A couple weeks ago, I saw FlyFishFood put out their "Gut Stack Sow Bug".  To my surprise it greatly resembled the bug I usually tie for the Clinch.  I would say it's improved greatly with UV resin.  I use Clear Cure Goo and really like it a lot.  Here are a couple pictures of the Gut Stack version I tied up recently.  I'm expecting good results and hope to have some to show soon.  On the clinch I've typically used #16 and #14 for sow bugs.
Light Gray Sow Dub version

Dark gray Sow Dub from Fly Fish Food with Orange hothead

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clinch River Report - November 29

TVA gave wade fisherman the first glimpse of low water in what has seemed an eternity this past weekend.  The weather was fairly warm and and the water was low so I had to get outside.  The low water window was only about 3-4 hours so I had to fish the upper end of the river.  Fishing was ok.  I managed to locate some willing fish on some new midge patterns I wanted to experiment with in sizes 18 and 20.  I'm expecting a few more opportunities for low water fishing in the next coming weeks.
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Rainbow took a #18 olive sparkle midge