Monday, April 28, 2014

Clinch River Update (Late April)

I've had a few opportunities the past couple weeks to get out on the Clinch River.  Fishing has been pretty good but sometimes inconsistent.  On the upper end of the river midges and scuds/sowbugs have been the ticket on most days.  The lower half of the river as been productive with midges, pheasant tails, and split case nymphs.
I fished the lower end yesterday and saw approximately 20 sulphurs in around 4 hours of fishing.  I'm hopeful for a good hatch in the up coming weeks.  The sulphur hatch on the Clinch River is often very sporadic and unpredictable.  Fingers crossed for 2014.

I'm planning to get out pretty consistently over the next several weeks.  I'll try and keep the reports updated.  Thanks!
Peaceful afternoon on the Clinch

Steady dose of Rainbows this size for the past couple weeks