Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holston River - late May

Over the past couple weeks I've been hearing some good reports and seeing pictures from some great trips out on the Holston. I was able to get a taste of my own the other day and it was indeed a fun trip. 
The Holston has such an abundance of bugs which requires a variety filled fly box. Throughout the afternoon fish were rising to caddis, sulphurs, and other various mayflies. 
My experience on the holston is pretty limited. It's a terrific river but doesn't have a ton of public access in relation to the magnitude of the large river. It holds some large trout, small mouth bass, and a large carp population. 
I'm excited to learn more about the holston. It's a beautiful fishery and isn't too far from home. 
I caught fish on nymphs 14-18, sulphur dries and emergers 16, and caddis emergers 14-16. 
Also had a five lb carp eat a stealth bomber pheasant tail nymph variation. That was fun!